Pakistan Phthalates provides specially designed formulae to make your buildings strong and durable.

Concrete Admixture (PP30)

The most used construction chemicals in Pakistan which supersede all the rest is concrete admixture. Although it’s in itself a broad type which can be further sub-divided into other categories, In short, concrete admixtures are chemicals that are added in concrete other than portland cement, water and aggregated elements to harden the concrete, or for other purposes required by the experts. Talking about additional functions of concrete admixtures, it can be distinguished into five areas which include: air-entraining, water-reducing, retarding, accelerating and plasticizers.

Waterproofing Compound (PP70)

Pakistan Phthalates is all about providing the best possible waterproofing chemical treatment to their customers. Our services range to roof waterproofing, foundation waterproofing, RCC roof waterproofing, rain leakage waterproofing, water tank leakage repairs, water seepage chemical treatment and various other waterproofing services.