The highest-quality interior paint and colors provide excellent coverage for your living room walls, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Wall Putty

Wall putty is basically a white cement based fine powder that is created into a smooth mixture and applied to the walls before painting. Smooth Surface for Painting  When applied appropriately to the walls, wall putty fills the imperfections, cracks and faults on the surface. Wall Putty form an excellent bonding to the base concrete or plastered surfaces. Therefore, when applied over exterior or interior walls of a home, application of wall putty can create a smooth undulation free surface for a beautiful paint finish.

Super Emulsion

Our Super Emulsion is superior quality paint. It is specially formulated. It has excellent application properties and a smooth pleasing finish. It can be applied on interior walls, ceiling, old new concrete plaster, chipboard and hardboard.

Plastic Emulsion

Our Plastic Emulsion is top quality Emulsion paint ideal for interior walls, ceiling, old and new cements concrete plaster, chipboard and hardboard. Plastic Emulsion is a tough and long-lasting paint with completely flat finish, which helps to hide imperfections of surface; Plastic Emulsion dries out to a smooth finish without brush marks.